Privacy Policy

Solidago OÜ has assumed the commitment to protect the personal data of its customers and users. In this regard, we have prepared this Privacy policy that regulates the collection, use, disclosure, transmission and storage of customer data. Our internet operations are carried out taking into account all relevant practices, as well as the relevant EU legislation and the laws of the Republic of Estonia. Please give a little bit of your time and read the Policy that we apply to your privacy. 


Collection and use of personal data

Personal data -any data that can be directly or indirectly associated with you as an individual and that is collected and processed by Solidago OÜ for contracts execution with individuals, ensuring communication with them and complying with the legal obligations.


Personal data of regular customers can be collected in any of the following ways:

  • When you provide us with your contact details (including your name, identification code, mail address, phone number, postal address, preferred communication method) on our website or otherwise (for example, in our stores);
  • When you use our website, the data is collected through your account or cookies;
  • When you make a purchase or place an order in our store or online store and save your contact data or purchase preferences (Solidago OÜ in certain sections may ask you to voluntarily provide your personal data and personal information. Such personal data may include your name, address, zip code, e-mail address, phone number and other data);
  • When you choose to make a deferred payment purchase.


Other data collection

We also collect anonymous data, that is, data that cannot be directly associated with a specific person (gender, age, language preferences, location). We can also collect general data on how our customers interact with our online stores and the website. This data is combined and used to provide the most useful information to customers, as well as to explore which parts of the website, products and services raise more interest. Such combined data in this Privacy Policy is considered as not personal data.


Use and storage of collected personal data

We can use any personal data that we have collected to inform customers about our news, company offers and the upcoming events in Solidago OÜ. Clients who do not want to receive our newsletter or information about the products that may interest them have the opportunity to unsubscribe from the newsletters at any time. We also use personal data that we collect, for the delivery of goods and fulfilling the obligations that we may have taken as regards our client. Agreeing to the terms of this Privacy Policy, the client gives his/her consent to the automatic processing of his/her data by Solidago OÜ. You can withdraw your consent at any time on our website or do it by sending us a request in a form that can be reproduced in writing. Such requests and consents do not have retroactive effect. 

To ensure the best customer service, Solidago OÜ may disclose information about individual users to a third party, which provides Solidago OÜ with services and is obliged to keep safe any of the shared information as per the relevant contract between the parties. Such a third party may be, for example, our partner, the responsibility of whom is the delivery of goods sold in our online store, or the provision of services in case of a deferred payment purchase. Solidago OÜ stores all customer personal data until the contract with such regular client is terminated. The data that Solidago OÜ should store in accordance with the law (for example, user credentials) is stored at Solidago OÜ in compliance with the current legislation. The store is entitled to transfer the customer’s personal data to its payment processing partner – Maksekeskus AS – in order to verify customers and process online payments. 


Amendments to personal data 

Customers can view, change and complete their personal data collected in order to identify and communicate with them, on our website in the “My Account” section. If the amendments relate to your e-mail address (your username on the website, please notify us about it, since our clients cannot change their e-mail address on their own.


Security of personal data 

Solidago OÜ takes all the necessary precautions (including administrative, technical and physical ones) to protect personal data of our customers. Only authorized persons have access to personal data and can make changes or process them. If you suspect that your personal data is processed with violation of this Privacy Policy conditions, or if there is any risk that unauthorized parties may obtain your data, please let us know immediately. This is the only way that allows us to minimize possible losses. Customers are entitled to require termination of their data processing, make a request as regards how their data is used, to require their data to be transmitted in a widely used format either to themselves or a third party.

To avoid unlawful use of data and customer rights, such requests can only be submitted in a format that allows to identify the person sending this request (shall be digitally signed or personally signed in the company’s office). We are entitled to answer such requests within 30 days. We consider a request for termination of data processing as a request for termination of the contract with a regular customer. 



Any personal data you provide while visiting the web-site and shopping at online store is considered confidential information. The use of end-to-end encryption channel with banks guarantees the protection of buyers‘ personal data and bank details.


Terms and conditions, as well as amendments to the Privacy policy

When starting to use our website or filling in the application of a permanent client, you confirm to have read these “guidelines”, “terms and provisions” and agree with them. We reserve the right to make changes to the General Terms and Conditions of this “Privacy policy”, if necessary, notifying all regular customers about it, while we take every effort so that our Privacy policy is regularly updated and always available on our website. The controller responsible for the processing of customers’ personal data is Solidago OÜ. If you have any questions or doubts as regards the Privacy policy or data processing, please, contact us at You can always contact the Data Protection Supervisor or apply to a court for protection of your personal data. Data Protection Supervisor is a state authority which can consult or assist on issues related to personal data protection.