DOMED is a company with an author’s approach to production. Design, design and manufacture of modern fireplaces, wood-burning stoves, barbecues, grill sets, as well as all the necessary accessories for them.

Each DOMED product is made of thick steel (2-3 mm), has a stylish and strong structure that does not deform and does not lose its appearance over time.
Barbecue stoves are equipped with blowholes, ash boxes, shelf-tables, tool holders, spots for storing and drying firewood. You can choose from a variety of options for equipment and related products for barbecue, which will help to maintain the convenience of cooking.
DOMED barbecue products are more than just utensils. These are durable and aesthetic products of high quality.
Products in a modern, minimalistic style will perfectly complement Your country exterior.
Every detail in the production of barbecue stoves, wood-burning stoves and barbecue products is thought out to the smallest detail.